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My lifelong passion has been, and is, to help people to experience the full expression of who they were created to be.  On this journey I've donned many titles, pastor, teacher, leader, manager, mentor, coach, speaker, author, and so on.  At the heart of each role is the same desire: to train, equip, and empower.       

As you review the resources on this site, it is my sincere hope that the content you encounter will draw you one step closer to realizing a greater measure of your identity.  You were fearfully and wonderfully made and were designed to fulfill a unique role at this vital point in history. 

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Are you still being affected by pains from the past? 

Are you tired of struggling with destructive thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors? Do you keep running into the same painful dynamics in your life and relationships? 

There is hope. There is help. There is healing. 

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"...timely and essential for the Body of Christ" Dr. Jacob Biswell 

"This book is pure GOLD" Lonnie L. Ellis

"There is such power and freedom in this book!!" Boo Fields 

"...this book went through the right items to bring about lasting change!"
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Eternal Leadership Podcast

Eternal Leadership Podcast 

Listen in on Luke's conversation on the Eternal Leadership Podcast, rated by Inc. Magazine as one of the "12 Podcasts That Will Make You a Better Leader." 

Luke Laffin | Reclaiming Your Core 

Luke Laffin | Go Face Yourself

Kingdom Business Association

Guest speaker, Luke Laffin on the international Kingdom Business Association Coaching Call. 

From Obstacle to Opportunity