Reclaiming your core is the key to discovering and releasing the power that is hidden within you! Even after decades of service in Christian ministry, areas of his life still fell short in demonstrating the power of God. Knowing there was much more available to believers, Luke was challenged to go through a season that confronted the core of his identity and the foundations of his faith. This path lead straight into the obstacles of religion, the traditions of men, and doctrines of demons. Now more than ever it is vital that we reclaim the core of our true identity and challenge the veracity of our foundations. Using personal examples in his spiritual life and the parallels of getting into physical shape, Luke takes you through the journey of reclamation. This thought-provoking book guides you through the process of revisiting the foundations of faith to unleash the power within. Read Excerpt Buy Now


Dr. Jacob Biswell

JBM International

"Luke Laffin's, 'Reclaiming Your Core: Restoring the Foundations of Faith' is both timely and essential for the Body of Christ and the season we are approaching. As I travel abroad teaching truth, I often find that many believers have lost the simplicity of the Gospel. Luke presents this truth in a way that connects the believer back to the essential understanding of who we are, who He is and the glorious truth of scripture. I believe that we are standing on the precipice of the most glorious days of human history as God continues to reveal who He is, but with that being said, we face great challenges as winds of doctrine blow attempting to disengage the believer from the Word. Go on this Journey with Luke and you'll find yourself "sured up" and equipped to run the race before you!" ,

Boo Fields, Director - Stay. Pray. Engage.

MorningStar Ministries

"There is such power and freedom in this book!!! I didn't realize, at the onset of the book, that some of my mindsets were rooted in things I was raised to believe but were not necessarily the truth. There book is a picture of grace and accountability wrapped into one package."

Lonnie L. Ellis

Author and founder of Damascus Road Ministries Int'l

"Luke lays out the strategies for pushing through limiting thoughts and beliefs that restrict the fullness of life, love, joy, and peace available through the work of Jesus on the cross and the power of God’s Holy Spirit. Keith Graham, Chaplain - Kingdom Business Association ∴ "This book is pure GOLD. Every believer needs to read it and re-read it again throughout their journey. We'll balanced with real truth, grace and love. "It also took me into some past emotions and hurts that God needed me to revisit so I could receive a deeper level of healing and freedom. I am truly honored that I had the privilege to pre-read this book."   


Writer's Digest Entry Title: Reclaiming Your Core: Restoring the Foundations of Faith

Author: Luke Laffin
Entry Category: Inspirational

Judge’s Commentary: Excellent cover image, with colors and vision exemplifying power. Well done. Author does a fine job of creating a core strength (physical) analogy related to development and strength of faith. It’s a unique handling, one that will please readers of this genre who can also relate to physical training. Author demonstrates a fine knowledge of scripture, choosing passages that shine and strike deep chords with the reader. Some gorgeous phrasing in here, such as ‘my beliefs have been sifted.’ A nice visual with resonance. Excellent point that living in shame is not repentance. That will release the pressure on many a reader. Nicely done. We’re edified by exploring the idea of what repentance is NOT. Author is generous in sharing his personal anecdotes, all written with a nice connection via a relatable writing voice. This book provides a wealth of faith instruction, connecting even more fully via the author’s bravery in sharing his moments of weakness, fear and self-preservation. Very relatable and a worthy structure to the book. The faux peach analogy stays with the reader long after the book is done. Author has crafted this book in excellent structure, organizing topics and sections to build upon the prior ones, adding depth to the book. A nice, clean edit that allows the reader to stay engaged in the narrative. Very well done. 

Judge, 5th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards:
Structure, Organization, and Pacing: 5
Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar: 5
Production Quality and Cover Design: 5
Plot and Story Appeal: 5
Character Appeal and Development: 5
Voice and Writing Style: 5

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