Approaching a New Door

Hey dear ones!

I pray that this note finds you doing well in the Lord. I am excited about how far many of you have come this year.

I am hearing in my spirit that some of you are coming to a new door that the Lord has put before you.

I am reminded of something the Lord told me a number of years ago, as He was showing me some details regarding a door He was going to bring me through.

The task was intimidating, and I had the sudden awareness of my own (perceived) limitations. The first thing I said was, “Yes Lord. So be it unto me, Your servant.” The next thing I said was, “Lord, will I be able to do everything you need me to do in this role?”

The Lord said, “Son, if I bring you to a door and open it before you, you can be 100% sure that I have already given you everything you need for what is on the other side of it.”

Wow! His response was so simple that I was simultaneously encouraged and convicted. Encouraged that it was so obvious that My Father, the One that loves me and directs my steps, knows what I will need before I need it.

And, of course, He will not throw me into something that I’m unable to do. I was convicted at the smallness of my faith that would think He would do anything but set me up to accomplish what He sends me to do.

As you step toward the doors that are before you, be encouraged.

Your Daddy knows you, and He knows the door—and what is beyond it. If the door is open, you can be sure you have what you need for this assignment. Rest in the One that holds all the resources and strength you need!


Luke Laffin

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