Writer’s Mastermind

Mastermind with Luke L Laffin

Now is the Time to Write Your Book...

But You won’t be alone.

Writer and published author, Luke Laffin, is leading an 8-week mastermind group to provide a creative forum to help writers and authors bring their projects from concept to fruition.  During this mastermind, you will learn about tools and techniques for capturing key concepts for your writing project, outline and track progress, manage the drafting process, review software that will help you manage and develop your project, and prepare for the editorial process. Luke shares key insights he has learned through the process of publishing his first book and will invite you into the final stages of publishing his second book. This mastermind group is designed to be a closed forum for open communication.  The group will be limited to 10-12 participants and will require signing a non-disclosure agreement to allow the freedom to discuss the details of your project in a supportive and informational environment. In addition to the 8 weekly, online sessions (with video), Luke will be available for two, one-on-one strategy sessions with each participant.

  • This group is designed to help you navigate through the writing and publishing challenges using the collective intelligence of the group.
  • We provide tools, but the power is in the collective interaction of each participant.  This is an opportunity to:
    • Encourage and advise each other
    • Be open and honest about your challenges
    • Collaborate to empower others and to be empowered
    • Peer influence (not pressure)

Our goal is to facilitate and launch this group to set you up as an ongoing resource for each other.

For less than the cost of 2 consulting sessions - experience the power of the Writer's Mastermind Group!


  • 8 Weekly mastermind sessions
  • 2 one-on-one sessions with author Luke Laffin
  • Closed Facebook page (ongoing)
  • Personal e-mail access (ongoing)
  • Links to online tools and resources
  • A session with a professional editor
  • A session with Social Media & Marketing expert

Writer’s MasterMind Program for only $279

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